AGAR HYGIENE LIMITED is a consumer goods company based out of Hockey Close, Loughborough, United Kingdom.

At Agar Hygiene we import, distribute, supply and brand all types of Hygiene and Safety products. We have over 20 years experience in this industry and are therefore confident that we can offer the best quality products at unbeatable prices. In the 20 years we are now distinguished as one of the most respected names in our industry.

We currently hold large quantities of stock for numerous companies our philosophy is 'we hold stock so you don't have to’. We physically go and check stock within local business and replenish on a day to day basis. We have decent rates for trade customers and great prices on bulk orders.

Our main product lines include paper towels, toilet rolls, chemicals, soaps, hand sanitizers, catering & industry clothing, work wear & coveralls, driver’s jackets and trousers, first aid equipment, safety signs, ear protection, disposable clothing, safety wear, industrial gloves, masks and respirators, safety footwear, outdoor clothing, corporate clothing, high visibility clothing, embroidery and printing, branded gifts and stationary.



Simply better supplies, increasing efficiency with great bottom line savings.

B2B Supplies made simple with next day delivery as standard.

Consumable supplies made simple!

  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Centrefeed
  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • Mob Caps & Hair Nets
  • Nonwoven Disposables
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Food Safe Hygiene Supplies
  • PPE & Safety Products
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Hand Towels & Wiping Products
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We take pride in the products we supply, and the quality of centrefeed is important to us.

We take time to filter through the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to paper products.

Here are a couple things you should always check when buying centrefeed.

  • Length - longer rolls always offer better economy, the initial price may be higher but in terms of price per metre you this 150 metre long roll works out much cheaper than most shorter length rolls. If they don't state the length clearly you are probably getting shorted.
  • Weight - The roll might look big but weight always tells the truth. Our cases weigh a mighty 5.45kg approx. A good product is always over the 5kg mark.

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Centrefeed Roll Dispenser

Premium Blue 6 X 150 Metre Centrefeed

Blue Mini Centrefeed 12 Per Case

Monster XL Blue 1000 / 350M Sheet Wiping Roll 2PK

Premium White 6 X 150 Metre Centrefeed

Luxury Premium Air Laid Hand Towels 360

Pallet Of Blue Centrefeed - 150m - 2 Ply - 77 Cases

Embossed Centrefeed Blue 400 Sheets

White Mini Centrefeed 12 Per Case

Pallet Of Premium White Centrefeed - 150m - 2 Ply - 77 Cases

Tech Pattern Fading Lines

Premium Medical 20" White Couch Rolls 12 ROLLS

Premium 10" White Hygiene Rolls (24 Pk)

Luxury Premium Air Laid Hand Towels 360

Eco 20" Medical White Couch Rolls (12 Pk)

ECO 10" White Recycled Hygiene Rolls (24 Pk)

Premium 20" Blue Medical Couch Rolls 12PK

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Our high-quality couch rolls provide a hygienic barrier for examination couches and treatment tables. Made from durable, soft paper, they ensure a clean surface for each patient or client, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Ideal for medical clinics, beauty salons, and more, they are perforated for easy use and available in various sizes

Hygiene rolls ensure cleanliness in any setting. Made form absorbent, eco-friendly paper, they are perfect for surface protection, hand drying, and general cleaning tasks. Available in different widths and lengths, these rolls are essential for any environment where hygiene is priority.

Premium 10" Blue Hygiene Rolls 24PK

Premium Metal Couch & Hygiene Roll Dispensers - White

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Which couriers do you use?

We only use next day couriers like UPS & UK Mail

Can you provide us regular supply of items without us having to order each time?

Yes, we can arrange a regular delivery schedule that suits you, whether its weekly /

fortnightly or monthly.

Do you offer business credit accounts?

Yes, we offer credit accounts with a fast and simple application process.

Call us on 0150 926 3200 or email us: sales@agarhygiene.com

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Our bulk pricing scheme will ensure you are rewarded fairly for bulk purchases.

If you wish to enquire about larger quantities and would like a tailor made quote

just give us a call on 0150 926 3200 or email us: sales@agarhygiene.com

Can you beat or match prices from other suppliers?

Simply tell us what you currently pay and we will do our best to beat prices.

We make sure all of our products are top quality and are of the highest specification.

Can’t see what you need?

We most likely do have what you are looking for and if we don't, our vast knowledge

in the industry ensure we can get a hold of even the most niche products.

Just get in touch: 0150 926 3200 or email us: sales@agarhygiene.com

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Enhance hygiene and convenience with Agar Hygiene’s range of hand towels, meticulously designed to meet diverse needs. Our centrefeed and hand towels are perfect for high-traffic environments, offering easy dispensing and efficient absorption, ideal for busy washrooms and industrial settings. These towels ensure quick and effective drying, promoting cleanliness and reducing waste.

For versatile use and compact spaces, our selection includes different folded hand towel options such as z-fold and c-fold. Z-fold towels provide a sleek, individual sheet dispensing methos, ideal for offices and healthcare facilities, offering convenience and reducing cross-contamination. Meanwhile, c-fold towels offer a traditional, space-efficient solution, perfect for restaurants and public facilities, combining practicality with ease of use.

Crafted from premium materials, our hand towels guarantee softness and strength, enhancing user experience while maintaining hygiene standards.

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White C-Fold Hand Towels 2400

Embossed Centrefeed Blue 400 Sheets

Steri Touch Hand Towel Dispenser- Universal

Premium White 6 X 150 Metre Centrefeed Rolls

Luxury Premium Air Laid Hand Towels 360

Blue 1 Ply Z-Fold Towel 3000

White Z-Fold Hand Towels 3000